(frequently asked questions):



Holographic LA Events Coasters™ are special neoprene coasters enhanced with augmented/ virtual reality 4D channels full of fun things to in Los Angeles… All the best events, art shows, restaurants, festivals, concerts, happy hours, etc…

It’s basically a holographic magazine built into a neoprene coaster that updates all the time… like a virtual Magazine/ Newspaper from the future.

What app do you use to scan the coaster? 

Scan the Holographic Los Angeles Events Coaster with the 4D VIEWR app to activate everything.


How often is Holographic LA Events Coaster’s 4D content updated?

Currently, Holographic LA Events Coasters are updated EVERY WEEK.

(Tune-in for updated events & happening as well as weekly specials & deals.)


How can my store carry Holographic LA Events Coasters?

You can purchase a BOX of 100 Holographic LA Events Coasters™ for only $300 from this super-link: https://holographicla.com/product/box


How can our awesome company advertise in HOLOGRAPHIC LA EVENTS COASTERS™ ?

For all advertising inquiries, email us at: holographicLA@gmail.com and title the email “ADVERTISE IN HOLOGRAPHIC LA” for a quote/ rates.


Can 4D VIEWR make Holographic Products for our company?

Yes. 4D VIEWR (agency) can create an augmented/ virtual reality experience for your company’s promotional materials, mail-outs, hand-outs, stickers, post cards, flyers, etc…

email us at: 4dviewr@gmail.com and title the email “4D VIEWR AGENCY” for a quote/ rates.




How come it’s not detecting the coaster? 

Hold it close to the center of the coaster and pull it closer and farther until it detects. Make sure the 4D SCAN LINE is visible (it is constantly sending images to the cloud for detection).


How come I don’t see the 4D SCAN LINE? 

You are not connected to the internet. To fix, make sure your iPhone, iPad, or Android device is connected to the internet and that you have a good connection/ speed. (sometimes your device is connected to someone’s wi-fi that you don’t have access to, or it’s very slow, etc…) Relaunching/ refreshing the app is recommended after you log-in to the right wi-fi network.

4D scenes are loading slower than normal? 

Loading speeds vary depending on your internet connection speed. Faster internet=faster page loads.

Tip: Try turning off your wi-fi in your phone’s settings and just use your cellular signal/ data instead.

Nothing is working :

Restarting the App should fix most problems.

and if that doesn’t work… try restarting your Smartphone / Device & make sure you’re connected to the internet.